Jaw-Dropping Report on Justice Department Nominee


Here is a jaw-dropping report out of Bloomberg. President Joe Biden’s nominee for a top post at the Justice Department intends to sell her remaining $14.5 million stake in a company her father chairs, amid questioning about a report the company – Avantor – sold chemicals diverted by Mexican drug cartels to make heroin.

Vanita Gupta – drug dealer?

Vanita Gupta made the pledge after she received written questions from Senator Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, as part of the nomination process.

Grassley cited a Bloomberg Businessweek investigation that found a chemical Avantor Inc. makes, acetic anhydride, was easily tapped by narcotics gangs.

Avantor claims it’s not selling to unauthorized buyers any longer and will comply with Mexican laws.

“As a shareholder with no role in Avantor, I am not able to say whether and how much I have profited from the various parts of Avantor’s business,” she told Grassley.


Why is she even a consideration?

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
8 months ago

The massive people/drug smuggling criminal operation involves many billions a year. US officials are involved. Money is laundered through banks. One bank is HSBC, which gave Lynch and Comey high paying positions. Municipal democratic officials are allied with the gangs, hence the defund the police movement, and the no bail release everyone movement.

8 months ago

Well…what did you think? That the nominee WOULDN’T be a criminal!? LOL!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
8 months ago

Unless you are a leader in graft, you can’t get nominated. You have to be of the same ilk as Hunter and Joe.