Hutchinson’s Almost Debunked Steering Wheel Story Gets a Media Facelift


ABC News’s propaganda journalist Jon Karl took the gossip a White House secretarial aide shared with the J6 panel on Tuesday and presented it as a proven fact both yesterday and today. He even covered for the potentially debunked steering wheel story by secretary Cassidy Hutchinson.

The story she told second-hand was that the President lunged over the seat and grabbed the steering wheel to force the driver to take him to the Capitol.

Allegedly, the two agents who want to debunk the seizing of the steering wheel story might only testify behind closed doors.

The story is changing yet again – see below. It is starting to sound like a Christine Blasey Ford scenario. Ford accused Justice Kavanaugh of a sexual assault almost 40 years before with no evidence and no witnesses. The difference with Hutchinson is the J6 panel doesn’t allow any counterarguments or cross-examinations.

The media, with few exceptions, sound like Chris Wallace when he said the obviously dishonest Ford was “very credible, very credible.”

There is new information on that below after the tweets.

Karl accused the unarmed rioters of trying to take over the government. If they did take over the Capitol building, how would that have amounted to taking over the government? The only coup was the one the Democrats and RINOs launched against Donald Trump.

As Viva Frei says:


The Secret Service is reportedly willing to testify that then-President Trump did not reach for the steering wheel in the car or lunge at Engel, the head of Trump’s Secret Service detail at the time.

Engel has already testified to the January 6 committee behind closed doors. Details of his deposition were previously reported by Politico, although it did not include a description of the alleged altercation, Newsweek reports.

Former US Attorney Andy McCarthy wrote at National Review, “All we can say is that before choosing to elicit Hutchinson’s account in a hyped public hearing, the committee heard Engel’s testimony. Presumably, if Engel gave the committee reason to believe Hutchinson’s hearsay account was wrong, Cheney would not have adduced it.”

Oh really, Andy? You think she wouldn’t do that?

McCarthy did say if she let Hutchinson say it even though it was different from Engel’s testimony, then the J6 panel “might as well pack its bags.”

He called Hutchinson “credible” after she gossiped throughout her testimony. The former US attorney suggested that her testimony could lead to “an eventual criminal trial”.

So, McCarthy, Bret Baier, and Geraldo are the Fox propagandists. Almost all of the media is siding with Hutchinson.

We still don’t know the truth. Do we get to hear from the agents? We don’t know the entire story yet but this sounds like Hutchinson is the Christine Blasey Ford of the J6 fiasco.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

This story is entertaining. It is stunning that a federal agency (secret service) so quickly refuted lies from our corrupt establishment. That shows how invalid the story is. Corrupt DC will never allow their lied to be refuted in an open hearing. They are Stalinists.

I see no actual makeover of the lies, just cheerleading. Jethro (Bret Baier) speaks reverently of the false testimony, and looks bitter over the fool he is. Little Bret wanted to be a newsman but he ended up peddling gossip. I assume he will jump to another story now but he may try to entertain us more by digging his hole deeper. Anyhow he is stuck in a low audience time slot, following scripts which are dictated to him, and which he is incapable of creating anyways. Meanwhile, that airhead with no ability took the Sunday slot he so cherished. But, he learned no lessons from it.

Andy McCarthy is a DOJ stooge, making money off books and appearances. He was wrong on every major scandal he addressed the past few years. The reason is that his function is disinformation. On the Russian hoax, I recall he was supportive of the hoax, then in the end wrote a book criticizing the hoax, and capitalized on it by writing a book about it. He just waited until the hoax collapsed, and was given permission to profit off of it with a book. The hypocrisy was huge.

He knows better on this. The real supposed witness is needed. But he is content with a non-witness. No further witnesses are needed in his mind, because that would include the agents.

Last edited 1 year ago by The Prisoner
Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Hey! Got a terrible lie to tell? The media will help you polish it and make it sound ‘very plausible’. Yellow journalism of the 1890’s almost sounds more believable.
If it was not so sick, it would be considered a great “joke”.