JD Vance on the Horror of the Ukraine War


Tucker said Ukraine doesn’t have the industrial capacity or the numbers to retake the occupied Eastern Ukrainian lands, which means more dead Ukrainians and more destruction. Tucker says it’s also degrading Western economies. It’s self-destructive and means the annihilation of an entire generation of Ukrainians.

Nevertheless, the US Senate wants to send another $60 billion to keep this going. Tucker sees it as insane, corrupt, and authoritarian. They’ve canceled elections, banned an entire religious sect, and then killed an American journalist for noting any of this.

He introduced Sen. JD Vance, who is one of the few senators to criticize the Senate’s recommendation of another $60 billion to the war in Ukraine. He said the vote is close, and people have to contact their senators and tell them to kill the bill.

Vance said there are two opportunities to stop it. Democrat senators “banded together with 17 Republicans,” and “they only need eight of those.” The second opportunity is to kill it in the House, Vance said.

This “will decimate the Ukrainian population,” he said.

As Vance said, it funded Ukraine’s war into ’25 and ’26 and handcuffed any new president. He then explained what we reported earlier: Based on Donald Trump’s false 2019 impeachment for pausing funds to Ukraine, no new president would be able to stop the funding.

In other words, no one will be able to stop funding the endless war and the deaths of thousands of young Ukrainians.

Tucker said one estimate of the number of Ukrainians who died is roughly 400,000. He wonders how US senators get away with saying they are doing this “on behalf of Ukraine, on behalf of democracy when it’s destroying an entire generation of Ukrainians, and it’s not a democracy?” He said it’s “propaganda.”

Vance said people in Ukraine are protesting, the average age of a soldier is 45 years, and “the 650,000 wealthiest Ukrainians left the country at the beginning of the war. They didn’t stay and fight, so the idea that is unanimously supported by the Ukrainian population is, of course, preposterous and absurd. No one believes it. But here’s the really crazy, and I think ultimately the very cynical thing that is going on Tucker, is that everyone knows that this war will lead to the destruction of Ukraine.

“I’ve had conversations with Democratic colleague where they get this sort of dark look in their eyes, and they say effectively, they want to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian drop of blood.”

He said they realize this is “not in the best interest of Ukraine. It is fundamentally in the interests of military contractors and people who think that America’s most pressing challenge is to defeat the Russians.

While Vance doesn’t think the Russians should have invaded, we have more pressing challenges “like the demographic collapse of the United States, like the open borders, like what’s going on in East Asia.”

Vance believes it’s a massive campaign to distract people from the real problems in the world and in this country.

Tucker believes an immoral impulse is behind it.

[Who are these people to decide it’s okay to exploit Ukrainians this way? I will state the obvious again. We do not have the leadership, money, or will to fight Russia.]

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
13 days ago

Johnson killed this bill yesterday, in his own words. He had to do that, or lose credibility. The senate has played dirty tricks on him. They ignored his conditions and sent him 2 bills which were the opposite of what he wanted. They lied and portrayed the first bill as meeting Johnson’s requirements. He should be privately furious at them now, especially Mitch and his corrupt gang.