Jeff Flake Defends Brett Kavanaugh Like a Moonbat


Jeff Flake is a liberal which was eminently clear on Face the Nation Sunday in an appearance with his good friend, far-left Chris Coons.

Flake was supposed to be the Republican taking Judge Kavanaugh’s side.

Flake was absolutely ridiculous in the way he defended Brett Kavanaugh. Instead of supporting him from a standpoint of strength, well, ser for yourself.

Coons suggested Brett Kavanaugh’s opening address was unhinged. It “went over the line” and he was clearly “belligerent”, “aggressive”, and “angry”, he said. The leftists are destroying the judge’s life and it’s hard to know what Coons doesn’t get about that.

Don’t even waste time listening to Coons. He’s just spouting the Democrat party line meant to diminish the effectiveness of the judge’s statement. They have no criticism of Ms. Blasey who was dishonest during her presentation.


  1. The Dems are the most hateful people that have ever gone through a Supreme Court Nominee hearing. Dems need to be truthful about what is at stake: ABORTION. It is the litmus test for anyone on their side of the isle. If Kavanaugh believed it is humane to slaughter babies in the womb, none of this BS would be relevant. He could be a Clinton serial rapist and the parade would begin. There is not an issue more sacred to the Dems, than killing generation after generation. Stalin, Hitler and Mao, have nothing on them!

  2. “Non Partisan” Coons thought Kavanaugh should not have been so angry at being falsely accused of a sexual assault in a situation where there are no witnesses and no evidence. Mr “Non Partisan” believes that the Democrat accuser, who cannot remember the date, time or place of the purported incident , should be believed over the word of Kavanaugh. My impression was that the Dems used a strategy to derail, or at least delay a vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation without regard to the facts and their antics stinks to high heaven.

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