Sen. Lindsey Graham Was Amazing on This Week


Senator Graham was amazing during an interview with George Stephanopoulos on This Week on Sunday. It’s worth watching below. The leftists on social media are tearing him apart for it which tells you he was effective.

If you want a good barometer of what the hate-filled leftists are thinking, especially in Hollywood and the dishonest media, look no further than Jim Carrey or Jonathan Capeheart.

I got those from the Rosie O’Donnell Twitter page. She retweeted these vile comments.

Lindsey Graham was amazing on This Week. So now the left has to demonize him with ad hominem attacks.


  1. Cudos to Senator Graham who speaks out and isn’t backing down. Since McCain has passed, he found his voice. The others in our party should follow suit. We need to get our message out, get the truth out, while they still can. Everyone is listening.

  2. The fact that Dems are now so focused on the “anger” Kavanaugh expressed during his self-defense tells me that they must know the gig is up on any substantiation to the sexual assault allegations. Ford’s “credibility” was big in the beginning, but as her moment passed and initial emotional reactions are dying down, people are thinking through her many inconsistencies, such as her “fear of flying” and wondering if they’d want their sons and husbands to be going through this without any presumption of innocence.

  3. Graham, Grassley and other RINOs are feckless fools who have contributed to puting the neurotic and probably schizoid accusers’ lives in danger.

    The delay of the Senate vote on the Kavanaugh confirmation is to give the enemy the chance to suicide one or more of the accusers and blame Kavanaugh and his nomination, and thereby turn the Senate vote to no in an agony of guilt and remorse.

    The accusers need to be guarded carefully. They might even be taken into protective custody as possible dangers to themselves and others. The enemy has used their mental and emotional weaknesses to get them to adopt wild accusations. They probably believe them. Now the enemy plans to set them up for one or more fake suicides, or suicide by the victim’s own hand by psychological manipulation – “THEN they’ll be sorry” – which it will blame on Kavanaugh and his nomination, to prevent confirmation. This has been the enemy’s goal all along, not the representation of the accusers. The communists kill for political purposes. It’s their M.O.

    Whatever one might think of these accusers, we don’t want to find any of them hanging from a doorknob or jumping or being flung from a high place. They might injure people or pets and cause property damage and clean-up expenses upon landing. Or pollute the warer of San Francisco Bay.

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