Jeff Flake jumps on the socialist Biden train


Fake Republican Jeff Flake has cast his lot with the Socialists and their standard-bearer, Joe Biden.

“I have never before voted for a Democratic president. But I’ve been asked many times over the past four years if I as a conservative could vote for a Democrat for president? Sure has been my ready answer if he or she were a Joe Biden kind of Democrat.”

Joe Biden’s platform was formed with Bernie Sanders and, as Barack Obama said, there is little difference between their goals.

The New York Times reports that Biden’s platform is more socialist than Obama’s.

Biden’s running mate is reported to be the left of 97% of the Senate and to the left of Bernie Sanders.

Flake likes to think of himself as a conservative, which is absurd. Conservatives can’t vote for socialists, yet he is.

The former senator, a RINO, will never forgive the President for arguments that took place between them.

Mark Levin said on Twitter, “The short list of Republicans “dramatically“ announcing their support for Biden reveals them as we always knew them to be.  Mostly self-serving and unprincipled.  This is especially true now given the incredible stakes in this election.” He linked to a photo of Flake and Biden.

Flake and other former GOP congressmen supporting Biden are outsourcers and they are only thinking of themselves.

What has become very clear is many of these politicians are only interested in themselves.

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