Jeff Flake Shows Us All Why He Has an 18% Approval Rating


Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) said Sunday morning that attendees at the Trump rallies are the “spasms of a dying party.” Actually, what the outgoing, unpopular senator fails to realize is  his are the utterings of a loser.

“When you look at some of the audiences cheering for Republicans, sometimes, you look out there and you say, ‘Those are the spasms of a dying party,’” Flake said on ABC’s “This Week.”

According to Flake, the Republican platform has catered too much to “older white men” and now faces an end-times crisis.

The neverTrumper GOP senator thinks the party is governing through “anger and resentment”, an unsustainable philosophy.

Where was he when regulations were cut, the individual mandate was dropped, the taxes were cut for 80% of the nation, boosting U.S. energy, and more? Didn’t the notice the stock market and increased job growth?

If anyone is angry and resentful, it’s him. Not seeing any of the positives and focusing on them is the mark of a loser.

Flake says the President will alienate so many Republican voters in 2020 that he will invite a GOP challenger and an Independent.


“I do believe if the president is running for reelection, if he continues on the path that he’s on, that that’s going to leave a huge swath of voters looking for something else,” Flake said.

He sure knows people looking for something else. He has 18% approval in his own state.

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