Jeff Flake Sort of Gets DACA In Exchange for His Vote on the Tax Bill


Jeff Flake agreed to sign the tax bill on the promise of being involved in fixing the DACA problem through amnesty despite the wishes of the American people.

There are a lot more DACA than people realize.

We have been told that there are 800,000 “children” who were brought here through no fault of their own when in fact we know there are at least 1.9 million with only 800,000 of those having signed up for the temporary status protection.

DACA eligible via

We have also learned that 9.2 million foreigners were brought to the United States from 2005 to 2015 via chain migration. That is 7 foreigners per one foreigner in the U.S. who come simply because they are related. The 1.9 million will quickly become 14 million. They come from countries with a serious drug culture, and/or socialist and communist governments. In other words, they will be Democrat voters for life.

A 2014 report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) shows that the number of immigrants living in the United States – legal and illegal — reached a record 41.3 million as of July 2013, and the fasting growing immigrant population are from the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

According to the report, the regions with the largest increases of immigrants to the U.S. from 2010 to 2013 were South Asia (up 373,000, 16 percent growth); East Asia (up 365,000, 5 percent growth); the Caribbean (up 223,000, 6 percent growth), the Middle East (up 208,000, 13 percent growth); and sub-Saharan Africa (up 177,000, 13 percent growth).

They are almost all Democrat voters. This is what the RINOs want apparently. The departing Senator Flake said he was promised by Senate leadership and the White House that he will be included in negotiations around a permanent fix for DACA.

“Getting protections for those kids is what I hope comes out of it,” he told reporters Friday. “Obviously they can’t commit to do that. But they committed to move forward with me and work with me on it.”

Flake said he was given no promise as to when a DACA deal would be made, saying: “I would like to get it done before the end of the year. You shouldn’t make those kids wait with that kind of uncertainty.”

Flake added in a later statement to TPM that he is “pleased to have a commitment from the Vice President Pence and the White House to be in the middle of the forthcoming legislative process to get a fix to the DACA situation,” adding that no deadline has been set and “the details and timing will unfold.”

Flake went further in a Tweet earlier on Friday, saying that he got a “commitment from the administration and Senate leadership to advance growth-oriented legislative solution to enact fair & permanent protections for DACA recipients.”

Flake is counting on an administration that he recently tore apart as engaging in “reckless, outrageous and undignified behavior” that is “dangerous to a democracy.”

White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short, in the Capitol Friday was asked if the administration gave Flake “a firm commitment to get DACA done” and his response was to laugh.

“No. We’re getting taxes done,” Short said, adding that he was “excited” that Flake will be “part of the conversation” on DACA. “He’ll be a great voice,” he said.

The Washington Post noted:

Almost simultaneously, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), a prominent holdout, announced his support for the legislation. He said he had secured leadership backing for two priorities: one related to how businesses can deduct major investments like equipment purchases; and the second involving a solution for immigrants brought wihtout authorization to the United States as children.

“Having secured both of those objectives, I am pleased to announce I will vote in support of the tax reform bill,” Flake said in a statement.

Flake seems to think he got the assurance that Democrats, corporate interests, the traitorous U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and open borders agitators need to force DACA through regardless of the President’s and the American peoples’ wishes.

The Chamber and other corporations were in DC this week marching around with illegal aliens.

Once they get DACA, DAPA follows and other groups as well with some accompanying excuse to ignore the immigration restrictions that have, prior to Barack Obama, provided us with a controlled, orderly process of immigration.

The President has not, however, moved off his stance that any amnesty for DACA must include a reduction in chain migration, for legal reforms to block migrants’ lawsuits, and for better border defenses.

In September, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the DACA program would officially be ended in March 2018. Since then, the political establishment, the open borders lobby, and big business have vigorously pushed for an amnesty that could bring up to 20 million Democrats into the country.

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