Jefferson Davis Is Taken Down as Marxist-Leninist Group Cheers


Erasing history, whether that history is good or bad, is what Joe Stalin did and ISIS does.

Under heavy police presence, crews began to take down the statue of the Confederate President Jefferson Davis in New Orleans in the wee hours of the morning under cover of darkness.

The left wants you to believe you have to be a racist to keep historical statues. The statues should serve as a lesson on the Civil War, not as a condemnation of the south’s entire history. It wasn’t all bad and the North wasn’t all good.

Shall we take down statues of President Grant and General Sherman for their atrocities? Or are those okay? I say this as a northerner with ancestors who fought in the Civil War. One of my ancestors died in Andersonville.

Under the controversial city plan, four monuments are being removed. The first was removed two-and-a-half weeks ago.

“The fight that we’re waging is against the city fathers who have refused to bring about genuine equality and freedom for the black people here,” said Malcolm Suber of the activist organization #TakeEmDownNOLA, a hard-left separatist group.

This group wants all white history erased.

The Marxist-Leninist group is targeting George Washington, Andrew Jackson, and all “white” monuments in the city.

From the NY Times:

[Suber] noted that he had been part of a group that persuaded the Orleans Parish School Board to pass a policy in 1992 that prohibited schools from being named for slave owners. It eventually led to a school called George Washington Elementary being renamed for Dr. Charles Richard Drew, a prominent black surgeon.

On Thursday, Mr. Suber chuckled mischievously and said he would be delighted to see the statue of Washington over by the New Orleans Public Library come down, too.

“He was a slave master,” he said. “Right?”

According to The New York Times Suber is “an avowed Marxist-Leninist” – an admitted communist. Some people, especially those outside of the Lower South, may not fully appreciate the radical agenda which is behind Suber’s effort.


“If we are serious about taking down these white-supremacist monuments, then we need to take them all down,” said Malcolm Suber, the coordinator for #Take’emDownNOLA. “This is just a partial victory.”

In a written statement issued by the group, members called for “immediate action to remove all monuments, school names and street signs dedicated to White Supremacists.”

On the other side are supporters of the monuments who argue they honor Southern heritage and history. Pro-monument supporters held a vigil, hoisting confederate flags.

That’s the idea -they want to erase all Southern white heritage.

What’s next?

All statues of George Washington, the Jefferson Memorial, and others because they owned slaves? The left hates the Founding Fathers. The left has made the statues into symbols of racism and slavery to destroy the past because they have said they want to create a new America. They won’t stop at Confederate monuments.

It is the second monument to be taken down after the New Orleans city council under the leftist mayor ordered four Confederate monuments removed following several years of court battles. The landmarks go back to 1915.

CNN reported that “people who wanted to see the monuments removed also gathered at the site and cheered at the site of the heavy trucks and a crane moving into place”.

The “people” are Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and radical Communist groups. They won’t tell you that. That’s not to say some on the other side aren’t extremists also.

They didn’t mention that Antifa is part of this destruction.

The statues do not signify slavery to sane Americans any more than the Roman statues destroyed in Syria represented false gods to us – they are history.

Listen to this next kook sing about “white supremacy” as the idiot whites applaud. White supremacy is a racist term. It’s anti-white. This man wants to replace anti-black racism with anti-white racism.

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