Jen Psaki: “Maybe [Trump] Will Go to Jail. Maybe He Will Die”


Psaki’s back. I was afraid I’d never get to use this photo again.

It’s impossible to keep up with the hate spewing from these people in charge of our country. Take Jen Psaki, for example. She thinks she knows what Trump supporters think.

“Maybe Donald Trump will go away. Maybe he’ll go to jail. Maybe he will die. Not to be too morbid. But maybe. He’s not a young man.”

She literally knows nothing. She thinks Trump supporters want him elected because we think he will die. Psaki is the airhead who encouraged radicals to protest outside Justice’s homes. She claimed it is their human right. Never mind that some man showed up at Justice Kavanaugh’s house to kill him.

Democrats have decided to attempt to imprison him with lawfare. If that doesn’t work, what is next?

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