Boy Scouts of America as an Organization Is Over


Six years ago, the Boy Scouts program had a name change to Scouts BSA because the Left didn’t like their name. They are going to change it again to show how pro-inclusion they are.

It was a Catholic, once ethically-guided organization, but the left wanted it destroyed. It was the Americana that represented tradition and patriotism the Left despises. Scouts were rewarded for acts of kindness and projects to help others, like building PK playgrounds.

Now they march in LGBT parades with nude people waving rainbow flags.

They dropped the word “boy” in their name change.

Who can define a boy anyway? What is a boy? We know a Supreme Court Justice who can’t define a woman.

We actually lost the Boy Scouts in 2018 when they made some bad decisions.

Donald Trump gave a speech to the Boy Scouts in 2017, and the evil Left compared him to Hitler rallying the Brown Shirts.

Watch this man say membership is at historic lows and he’s doing something to make it worse:

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