Jihadis Call for Bombing Checkpoints as US Boasts of Open Borders


There are currently 170,000 illegal aliens over the border in Mexico waiting for Biden to end Trump-era regulation Title 42. Also known as ‘Remain in Mexico’, it can now be dissolved because the pandemic is over.

One to two million unvetted people came into the US illegally last year but it will be much worse this year. Now, we know for certain that jihadis plan to come through. We have hundreds of unmanned borders where they could come through freely. There is a plan to destroy our politics, culture, religions, and our entire way of life.

They also might decide to bomb security checkpoints as opposed to sneaking through. At least that’s what the Jihadis are saying.

Biden is fine with all this. Democrats are fine with all this. Many Republicans, especially leadership, are silent.


Now, we are hearing from the Jihadis themselves who clearly state what they have planned. Issue three of their Jihadi Magazine calls on Muslims to target embassies, courts, and security checkpoints.

It thoughtfully includes bombmaking instructions.

On March 16, 2022, “Taghut Slayer,” an Al-Qaeda jihadi user of the magazine, “Mujahedeen in the West,” told the “slaves of Allah” to attack embassies, courts, and checkpoints.

Taghut means tyrant leaders and that includes the United States (which has open borders).


According to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), an al-Qaeda group called Hurras Al-Tawheed, aka Guardians of Monotheism, published a piece. It instructs members to move into countries where they want to gain influence as instructed in the Koran.

“Whoever emigrates for the sake of Allah will find much refuge and abundance in the earth, and whoever forsakes his home, a refugee for Allah and his messenger, and death overtakes him, his reward is then obligatory upon Allah. Allah is always forgiving, merciful.”

Another article praises Muslims who live in “the abode of unbelief” — the USA is one — but nevertheless “manage to be guided by Allah and choose to live for the religion of Allah and not the religion of Democracy.”

These strong believers “did not submit to the fragile emasculated, pro-feminist, pro-LGBTQTAGHUT+ ‘Islam.’” Taghut is the idolatrous rule of disbelievers.


The last article, “Kafir [unbeliever] Feedback,” is addressed to social media users, namely Twitter users and other writers who discuss jihadi issues. They love to see you all terrorized.

“We enjoy your distress by our magazines. May our words continue to give you restless nights. We see your tweets, and articles. Go ahead! Continue barking and tweeting. While we can enjoy your concern and distress. The majority of disbelievers will not even listen to you. Funny how you try to ‘save’ them.”

Still, knowing this, Joe Biden and DHS Secretary Mayorkas have destroyed our immigration and asylum laws, letting anyone who wants to come in, come and stay. There is no vetting.

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