Jill Biden tells a teeny crowd, “see say pwodway”


Standing in front of the United Farm Workers’ [very far left] flag, Jill Biden butchers a common Spanish phrase while speaking to a teeny audience.

She might be gaffe prone also. She fumbles the simplest Spanish language chants that Democrats have been using to pander to Hispanic voters for years. She sounded as if she was doing an imitation of Elmer Fudd.

With the current crisis on the border, why would she celebrate Cesar Chavez when he famously said he would deport his own mother for entering the country illegally?

We know why. She is as ill-informed as her husband or she’s dishonest like her husband.

The first lady said that Chávez is a big inspiration to her husband and noted that the president began his career “inspired by the civil rights movement.”

“As president, Joe is fighting for those who often go unseen,” she said. “He believes that our work must be guided by justice and humanity.”

“See say Pwodway,” she told the itty bitty crowd.


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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

She’s just another phony and she also married one. A match made in Delaware who has a more stringent voting law then Georgia. But don’t tell China Joe that.

2 years ago

Aww Yeaa FOTM (First Of The Month) out on the unity collective plain!
Swipe yo’ EBT after all it’s free courtesy of Uncle Sugar err printing press and US Taxpayers but get it now because the taxpayer pool is dwindling fast. Si se puede!
Sorry cash only for lotto, blunts and wraps, rolling papers, crack pipes, porno, beer, liquor, weed, Asian massage (racist!) but Uncle Joe and Gringoette Jill will hook you up comrade.
Yes we can!