Jim Crow is back in Val Verde, California


California is full of bigots. For people who abhor racism, they sure are a bunch of racists. One school district is holding Black-only parent meetings to make curriculum adjustments.

The Val Verde Unified School District is promoting a seven-part black-only event for parents to share their experiences and give input into how the district should alter its curriculum. The meetings will take place in the Spring.

The California school district calls for black parents to have a larger influence on the curriculum that is taught in schools. They want input into how the district should alter its curriculum.

The first meeting allows parents to air their grievances with the school district and explain their “lived experiences.” The second meeting focuses on putting those feelings into attainable goals and change, The Daily Wire reports.

According to a promotional flyer on the school district’s website, the Zoom meetings make no bones about who specifically is invited to attend: “Black Parents: Use your voice & unique experience to create change,” the flyer states.

It’s unclear exactly what kind of “change” the flyers are proposing. But what is clear is that other racial groups are not invited to attend. They appear to be harvesting grievances.

The Supreme Court decision — Brown v. Board of Education — specifically outlawed segregation in public education in the United States almost 70 years ago.

Nevertheless, segregation and Jim Crow is back. It’s disgusting.

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