Jim Jordan torches Mueller minion Zelinsky and the attacks on Barr


Republican Jim Jordan took on the latest Democrat attempt at a fraudulent impeachment, but this one is of Attorney General Bill Barr. Former Mueller gang member Aaron Zelinsky spoke in front of Congress to tell everyone Barr is politicizing the DOJ,  but Jordan had him stammering.

Representative Jim Jordan said that the last impeachment didn’t work so Democrats are trying a new one while at the exact same time the courts were agreeing with actions by Attorney General Bill Barr.  

Law and Crime reported the [false] accusation against Bill Barr is that he improperly politicized the Department of Justice for the benefit of President Trump and his allies, including Roger Stone and Michael Flynn.

Jordan said that Barr isn’t doing the president’s bidding, but is “doing the Lord’s work.”

“They’re not political, they’re just right,” Jordan said of Barr’s DOJ, citing the D.C. Circuit’s Wednesday order for Judge Emmet Sullivan to dismiss the case against Flynn.



Democrats have embraced Bernie Sanders’ communists. Since Biden has dementia, his unelected running mate will end up as president in one way or another. Or, it will be Obama’s third term and Biden will be his puppet.

The GOP put out an ad emphasizing the communists behind Black Lives Matter and the Democrat Party. Speaker Pelosi made it clear she wanted them to demonstrate, knowing they would riot, and that comes out in this ad.

If you like what you see — statues were torn down, buildings burning, anarchy everywhere — vote Democrat. This is what they have to offer–chaos and they will take your freedom.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

We understand that Jordan is putting the best face on things.

All indications, based on actual actions, and based on Barr’s words, are that Barr is and will let us down.

The coup continues. Now we have the nationwide shutdown and violence movements, which Barr is also not fighting.

There have been zero coup arrests. Coup plotters are prospering, with books, TV jobs, … openly defying justice.

2 years ago

You never heard Gowdy ask such probative questions as Jordan did.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago
Reply to  Greg

Gowdy staged his fake outrage act to get attention, and to conceal his lack of interest in real action. He provided cover for corrupt DC. Some say his behavior was Machiavellian.