JJ Watt Offers to Cover Funeral Expenses for Intentionally Murdered Victims in Waukesha Terror Attack


JJ Watt will pay for the funeral costs of the Waukesha terrorist attack on Sunday as they watched or marched in the Christmas parade. Six people died, including an 8-year old little boy, and 62 were injured, including a lot of children, many very seriously.

Watt is a defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals and a Waukesha native who went to Pewaukee High School and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He offered to cover the funeral costs, local media reported.

This Was NOT a Parade Crash as the Media Describes It

The suspect in the terrorist parade attack, Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, was charged with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide. A sixth count and other charges will follow. It’s finally the end of the road for Brooks.

Brooks was seen targeting the largest groups of people veering from side to side in order to run over the largest number of people. If that isn’t terrorism, what is?

Waukesha is only 23 miles from Kenosha. This took place right after the Kenosha verdict. Darrel Brooks is a violent career criminal and radical Black Supremacist. The media is lying about how bad he is, denying his social media accounts were as horrific they are, and trying to memory hole this. Try and find information about his race — it’s a challenge. If they are going blame whites fairly and unfairly, they need to be even-handed and honest.

“Just now seeing what happened at the holiday parade back home in Waukesha tonight. Horrific images,” he wrote in a tweet. “Truly hoping everyone is going to be ok and those not involved are now safe. Thankful to everyone who rushed to action and helped the wounded.”

His brother also expressed his condolences.

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That Song
That Song
2 years ago

Just say NO to divide and conquer.