This Is How the First Female Prime Minister Worked Out in Sweden


This is how female leadership is going in Sweden. The first female Prime Minister lasted hours and that was probably too long.

Sweden elected its first-ever female Prime Minister on Wednesday morning, but she resigned just seven and a half hours later after her coalition government lost a key budget vote.

Magdalena Andersson, leader of the Social Democrats, was selected in a Riksdag (Parliament) vote as Sweden’s 34th Prime Minister on Wednesday morning, replacing outgoing migrant-crisis era leader of the Social Democrat Stefan Löfven. Hours later, she was gone and the Speaker of Riksdag announced the search for another new Prime Minister would begin after Andersson’s government collapsed before she’d even had a chance to be sworn into the role.

When the Greens saw the right-wing budget they’d have to accept, they pulled out and the government collapsed.

The so-called Centrists didn’t like the budget either. They could vote her back in, but for now, she’s gone.



  1. I can imagine what a “right wing” budget and a “hard right” party in Sweden is, those are terms used to ridicule what is likely sensibility.

    The term “anti-open borders” is especially deceptive, it really means “pro-Sweden, anti-invasion, anti-rape, anti-cultural destruction”.

    Unless those using these misleading terms want to quantify what they mean, I consider the terms to be cheap attacks.

  2. you didn’t post my factual comment because i stated we don’t want non whites in Europe are a Globalist Traitor site .

    • I didn’t ban anything but if you said something racist, it’s against our board policies. One of our screeners might have deleted it – can’t check because of the holiday. Did you write something violent or racist? We barely censor anything but those two things are not okay. Please read our guidelines. If you followed the guidelines, let me know.

  3. +Ian Miles Cheong @ @stillgray

    …. Sanity prevailed in Sweden ….

    Not that it will make the slightest difference to the fact Sweden: as we have, for centuries, known it; is doomed. Color it Turnipistan.

  4. I suppose the next headline out of Sweden will be the obvious attempt at apologizing for passing the bill she didn’t like in order make her take her PM job back. lol.

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