Joe Bama to hire 87,000 IRS agents Over 10 Years to spy on accounts, steal your money


Biden’s budget will increase the IRS budget by 80 billion dollars, a 60 percent increase. The goal is to scrutinize and harass Americans, looking for every possible dime in taxation they can find.

People on the Right especially — beware.

The only Republican we saw mentioning the 87,000 IRS agents so far is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the latest target of the Left.


The IRS will spy on your bank account and Venmo, hire 87,000 new IRS agents, level a higher corporate rate than China, include a retroactive capital gains tax hike, and a second death tax on small businesses and farms. In addition, Biden will let the TCJA middle-class tax cuts expire.

This is a very socialist/communist plan in some areas and it’s very dangerous if it goes through.

Specifically, according to the Americans for Tax Reform, his budget will in part:

  1. Raise several taxes to rates higher than that of China.
  2. Unleash tens of thousands [87,000] of new IRS agents on the American people.
  3. Give the IRS the power to snoop on Americans’ Venmo, CashApp, and bank accounts.
  4. Impose a Second Death Tax, which will harm the U.S. economy and family-owned businesses.
  5. Let the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act expire, causing taxes to go up on middle-class families.
  6. Impose a harmful, retroactive tax increase on capital gains and dividends.
  7. Impose a higher corporate tax, hurting jobs and the price of goods.
  8. It acts as an admission by the Biden administration that its policies would do little to grow the economy.

This is a plan to continually raid Americans’ bank accounts.

This will allow the administration to continually increase taxes without going through Congress.

This is all meant to fill the so-called tax gap to make people pay anything the IRS thinks they are owed.

This is the man 81 million people voted for — the furthest left of any president in US history. He’s backing a form of socialism/communism/fascism in some areas, and to fund all this leftist garbage, he needs to steal. And all while justify it as necessary for the greater good — it’s the government’s due.

We went from a robust economy to a failing one in months because people didn’t like the President with the mean tweets. Now we have an imbecile figurehead whose strings are pulled by Marxists escaping all accountability, hiding behind the curtain.

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