More than half of LA County blazes are caused by the homeless


More than half of LA County blazes are caused by the homeless, The Epoch Times reports.

Los Angeles is set ablaze up to 24 times a day. The cause? Thousands of homeless encampments.

This year, fires started in homeless encampments have accounted for 54 percent of the blazes battled by the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), according to officials—a sharp uptick compared to 2020.

Homeless encampments are all over the county. They are doing drugs, and committing crimes. There are more than 66,000 people living on its streets. They use open flames to cook food which is the biggest problem.

Beautiful Venice Beach has been ruined.

The famed boardwalk in Venice, California, has reportedly turned into a large, “dangerous” homeless encampment, according to fed-up residents who are calling for action amid a series of crimes and drug use in the area.

A broad coalition of downtown businesses and residents, the LA Alliance, sued, seeking to force the city and county to step up their response to the rising number of homeless encampments on local streets and near freeways. The judge hasn’t thrown the lawsuit out. The County claimed they spent hundreds of millions of dollars but the judge wasn’t buying it.

L.A. Alliance lawyers have written that Skid Row is a “catastrophe created by the city and county” in which the city long ago adopted a policy of “physical containment” where the poor, disabled, and mentally ill would be “contained” inside the delineated borders of downtown.

The homeless commit crimes and crimes have risen exponentially. There are 2,000 homeless on Skid Row alone.

Thank a Democrat.

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