Joe Biden Calls a Young Woman a” lying dog-faced pony soldier”


Joe Biden needs to give it up. It’s painful to watch him embarrass himself day after day. His family should have stopped him from running for president. It’s terrifying to think of any of these candidates in the Democrat Party winning. They are the worst I have ever seen.

Biden, in particular, would never be able to run anything or take on foreign leaders. He can’t even handle college students.

For instance, he was trying to win over voters in Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday. The former vice president complained about the Democratic primary debates, which he dismissed as superficial. He took issue with the Democrat Party lowering its standards by changing the rules to let someone on the debate stage who can’t even run in the New Hampshire primary (without mentioning his name, he was referencing Mike Bloomberg).

Then he pandered to ‘Julio’ Castro, suggesting he should have been on the stage instead of Bloomberg [Castro had almost no support and could never win].

For some reason, Biden can’t get Julian Castro’s name right. He has made the same mistake in the past.

“The rules seem to be changing a little bit,” Biden said. “You know, if I’m Julio Castro or if I’m a couple of other guys [they make exceptions]. They didn’t change the rules to allow me to stand on the debate stage. But now, the rule gets changed to put someone else on the debate stage in a primary that he can’t even run in.”

His manner was sarcastic.



A female economics student asked Biden about his poor performance in Iowa at an event in Hampton, New Hampshire on Sunday. Biden couldn’t even handle the young student.

He snapped at her and asked her if she’s ever been to a caucus before. The woman said, “yes,” and he accused her of lying.

Biden shot back, “No you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier.” I guess he’s joking somewhat, but who knows. It’s not funny. He called a girl, a young woman by this insult.

It’s a John Wayne line from the 1953 movie Hondo. TMZ says Biden might have borrowed it from the 1952 Tyrone Power film Pony Soldier.

He slurs his words as he speaks.


Last week, Biden brushed off a woman, calling her a “kid,” and reiterated his goal of wiping out coal plants.

This is ridiculous. He is the man leading in the national polls.

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