Joe Biden Can Steal Secret Documents Any Time He Wants


Joe Biden wasn’t allowed to take secret documents as Vice President. Nonetheless, he did and had them in his garage, his office, the University of Delaware closet, and eventually in storage in Chinatown. He even took a document from the ultra-secret SCIF. None of this could be considered legal, whereas Donald Trump has a right to take secret documents and declare them declassified under the law.

Joe Biden violated the law, but Donald Trump’s case appears to fall within the law. So, what does our esteemed DOJ do? They prosecuted Donald Trump but not Joe Biden.

We are all told to think this is normal. They’re counting on hatred of Donald Trump and the biased media to cover for them.

Donald Trump used the legal system to keep the documents for his memoir. Even though he followed the law, he was prosecuted.

Since the DOJ will likely not pursue the case against Joe Biden, Republicans have taken up the case.

House Republican-led committees have issued subpoenas to five current and former Biden aides, including ex-White House counsel Dana Remus, to discuss the president’s alleged mishandling of classified documents and his involvement in his son and brother’s foreign business dealings.

The subpoenas were issued by the Judiciary and Oversight committees and included demands for testimony from individuals such as Annie Tomasini, Anthony Bernal, Katharine Reilly, and a special assistant.

They will all likely ignore the subpoenas or plead the Fifth.

That’s where it stands right now.

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