Joe Biden Drops His Flashcards


Joe Biden gave CNN hack Jake Tapper an interview on Tuesday, which was surreal, especially after he dropped his flashcards.

Tapper asked Biden about his “nuclear Armageddon” comment that the White House later “clarified.” Biden didn’t mean that, said the White House, adding there was no intel to back it up.

Biden told Tapper he didn’t think that Vladimir Putin would use nukes but that it was irresponsible for Putin to talk about it.

It’s fairly irresponsible for him to talk about Putin’s nuclear Armageddon as the President of the United States if he doesn’t think it will happen.

He added that he was talking to Putin, although the audience was full of Democrat donors. Putin was nowhere to be found.

“Will it have an opposite effect?”, Tapper asked. Of course not, “not at all,” said Biden.

Don’t worry about the recession, folks. Biden sees a slight problem.

“There’s no guarantee that there’s gonna be a recession—I don’t think there will be a recession. If it is, it will be a slight recession. That is, we’ll move down slightly.”

The JP Morgan CEO and El Erian just warned we’re are going off the cliff.

We are already in a recession. Wholesale producer inflation went up far more than expected to 8.5%.

The next chaotic Biden moment is interesting. A trillion, a billion, $750 million, what difference does it make?

Tapper picked up Biden’s flashcards after he dropped them, but didn’t notice that Biden, the leader of the free world, couldn’t speak without his notes. Tapper’s not a journalist. He’s a Democrat activist.

At least it’s not a problem because we have Karine Jenn-Pierre and the mainstream media to tell us exactly what he said, what he meant, what he was going to say, and anything else they need to do to cover up for him.

By the way, Biden’s proud of his inflationary bills, which were rewards to donors.

Biden needs those flashcards to utter the simplest talking points of bills he allegedly supported.

The clincher is Biden saying he is just so proud of his son amid criminal charges. He possibly committed treason.

Here is Tapper trying to make Biden sound intelligent with a meaningless point.

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1 year ago

I’m tired of lying cheating Democrats. Don’t think for a minute that Putin won’t use Nuclear Weapons. Why is Traitor Joe in Ukraine? Is it just to hide the crimes of his Family and the Deep State Bureaucracy? Where is his Declaration of War from the Congress? All I can say is the Republicans better start Jailing (and Hanging) the Traitors. The People are in no mood for any more dog and pony shows. Sometimes I think a Civil War is really the way to go, but the “shot” will soon take care of a lot of Liberals. Democrats are Psychopaths. Democrats believe in and support the Psychopaths who are running the country who are setting the stage for a World War simply to cover up their criminal activity.

Democrats swear the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization are forces for good when they are key to bringing about the New World Order. At the root of the New World Order is the concept of there are too many people on the Planet and 95% must go. Don’t Liberal Democrats realize that means them? These people are still wearing mask and getting boosters. We now know the “Shot” is a Slow Acting Poison. Over the next 10 years, huge numbers of people will die. Something on the order of 5 Billion people have taken the shot. I expect at least a Billion will be dead in 10 years as the “Shot” slowly destroys immune systems.

The Government is doing all they can to cover up the strange clotting problem found in dead people who have had the “Shot”. The Clots are not new. The problem was seen before in people who died of AIDS. So what is the connection? Both are RNA viruses. Makes me wonder, was AIDS a first attempt at human extinction? There was never a confirmed source of it’s origin. Just something about Monkeys???

Traitor Joe is a Senile Puppet which makes him the most dangerous man in the World. Traitor Joe isn’t playing with a full deck and is the man with the power to start Armageddon. The ball-less wonder Pence, allowed the Steal to put him in office and the Wankers in Congress have allowed him to stay and basically trash America. The People need to trash the Traitors in Congress and being a Democrat or a RINO is not an excuse for being a Traitor. I don’t even know how Historians will be able to fully document the Treason we are living through today!

Hitler was responsible for the deaths of over 10 million people. Stalin was responsible for the deaths of over 20 million. Mao was responsible for the deaths of over 45 million. Trailer Joe, with the help of the WOKE, mandated the “Shot” and 5 Billion were force to get it. When we are finished counting he will be responsible for the Deaths of Hundreds of Millions of People. How does History express that scale of butchery? The Senile Old Coot is now talking Nuclear Armageddon to speed things up! Is someone for a joke going to hand the Clown a Flashcard that says, “I’m Declaring War on Russia, and direct the Generals to make an immediate First Strike!” This isn’t funny anymore.