Stanford Doctor: Transgender Surgeries Are Up 500% So Do More Surgeries


A Stanford Children’s doctor spoke at TED and told the audience that the demand for transgender surgery increased five-fold in five years (500%) but didn’t make the connection to transgender grooming. Instead, she wants pre-pubescent children to be allowed to destroy their genitals. Why wait for the age of consent which is 18 years?

Perhaps 18 years is still too young to make this decision since research has shown the brain is still developing at 18. But this doctor is talking about children younger than ten years of age.

Watch the narrow-minded doctor refer to “her testes”:

Gender Confusion Is a Growing Trend

According to collected data, Montgomery County Schools saw a 582% increase in reported gender nonconforming students over two years.

Maryland’s largest public school district saw a 582% increase in the number of students identifying as gender nonconforming in just two years, according to internal data posted to an educator’s Twitter page.

The schools gathered this data from forms school counselors fill out when students approach them to discuss gender identity issues. But don’t mention grooming.

Gender theory cultists claim sex, gender, and sexuality are socially constructed. Radical gender theorists argue that biological sex, the male-female “gender binary,” and heterosexuality are social constructs. That is, they are human inventions rather than features of objective reality.

They are wrong. Biological gender is the objective reality, but they want you to believe the opposite.

The Stanford doctor thinks it’s okay to destroy a child’s genitals before they’ve even entered puberty. Children of that age can’t make these decisions.

Christopher Rufo has published a Parent’s Guide to Radical Gender Theory and The Anti-CRT Parent Guidebook to guide parents in fighting this Marxist theory.


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