Joe Biden even lost ABC News


Biden has even lost ABC News, at least for now. How bad it must be if he even lost them? This is not a good omen. Perhaps Democrats realize they have to cut him loose.

ABC News actually called Biden out for his lie that Americans can’t get to the airport. But there is one person who has no problem keeping up the lying — his communications director.

Perhaps this administration is all on drugs.


Kate Bedingfield, Joe Biden’s communications director, claimed Friday that President Joe Biden “never” shied away from taking questions. How she said that with a straight face is a mystery.

She made the comment on Morning Joe to host Willie Geist. He had asked her if he was going to take questions at the presser earlier today.

“The president never shies from taking questions, so I’ll let it up to him whether he takes questions. He did a full sit-down interview on this, but he’ll decide if he’s going to take questions after his remarks today,” Bedingfield said.


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Jorave Mattler
Jorave Mattler
8 months ago

That was obvious from the non-softball questions from Stephy Snuffleuphagous the Clinton butt plug.
Always Bolshevik Communism has the greasy haired Bolshevik who feels your pain in Lil’ Davy Muir.