Joe Biden Gave His J6 Anniversary Hate Maga Speech – Updated with Full Jan 5 Speech


This is an opinion piece, but you can watch the clip and decide for yourself. We had to change the video. An old clip was changed out for yesterday’s Hell speech.

Screaming at times, the deranged figurehead president, who has difficulty finding his way off a stage, gave his J6 anniversary speech today. It was filled with vitriol and dishonesty aimed at Donald Trump and everyone who supports him – “Magas.” He said Maga extremism is a “threat to democracy.”

We’re off.! This is the beginning of the campaign season. Expect a lot of hate from the Left.

He said Magas are extremists, but the only extremists are Biden and his advisors. He opened our borders, shut down free speech, censored social media, taxed us through inflation, and engaged in wars that were mainly due to his poor leadership.

Biden accused Donald Trump of being what he is – a Nazi.

Joe Biden brags in his J6 doomer speech that his DOJ has targeted 1,200 J6ers, convicted 900 and sentenced them to 840 years in prison. He wants his political opponents afraid this can happen to them, too. What a sick man.

~ Citizen Free Press

Democrat Party Democracy Is Marxism

The Oval Office resident said democracy will be over unless he’s voted back into office. Joe must think democracy is Marxism. He’s telling us what we can drive, who we can vote for, disallowing speech he disagrees with, destroying our justice system, taking our guns away as they make the country more dangerous, enabling criminals, weaponizing most executive agencies, pushing lawfare against his political opponents, and preventing other Democrats from running against Biden.

Some Democrats are trying to stop 126 Republicans from appearing on the ballot because they are the Republicans who believe the 2020 election was corrupt. The real insurrection was by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, which was encouraged by Democrats. Democrats also favor these pro-Hamas rioters. That should tell people something.

At one point, Biden lied, claiming Republicans want to ban books. In reality, Republicans have tried to keep pornographic gay books out of elementary and middle school libraries.

Biden never mentioned his accomplishments, whatever they might be, nor did he talk about what he wants to do in the future.

Biden has been in office for three years, stepping all over our freedoms while bringing our debt to Code Red, yet he blames Republicans for everything that is wrong with this country.

Socialists and communists run the Democrat Party, and they put a figurehead in the presidency so they could do whatever they wanted without any accountability. It worked, and they want to do it again.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
1 month ago

How many weeks on “vacation”, and how much adderall did it take to get Joe prepped to go on this vile anti-Trump rant. Biden is becoming more and more a Marxist puppet.