Joe Biden Invited Michael Brown’s Father to the SOTU


Michael Brown’s father was invited to Joe Biden’s State of the Union this evening. Why? A police officer justifiably shot his son, and the story was turned into a false case of police abuse.

The slogan “Hands up, don’t shoot!” was coined by a friend of Michael Brown’s named Dorian Johnson. Johnson said that Michael Brown had his hands up and said, “don’t shoot,” when an officer shot and killed Brown. It wasn’t the truth.

Brown was shot and killed by a police officer as he charged the officer. Minutes before he was shot, Brown had beaten the officer and attempted to get his gun.

The officer was looking for a thief when he came upon Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, walking in the middle of the street. He told them to get out of the street, and Brown cursed at him and refused. The officer, Darren Wilson, spotted the cigarillos in Brown’s hand. It led to the altercation and the shooting.

Michael Brown manhandling the clerk before he walked out with the cigarillos.

Brown, as it happened, had just stolen cigarillos and manhandled the store clerk with Johnson alongside. Brown was also known to be dealing drugs.

The autopsy confirmed several eyewitnesses’ accounts that Brown was shot while charging the officer. Johnson would later admit making up the “hands up, don’t shoot” scenario.

That isn’t how the media relayed it. They falsified the news and claimed it was a case of police abuse. The lies led to the Ferguson riots and a DoJ investigation. The Ferguson police were vilified.

Brown’s father, who was never there for him growing up, was an activist after Brown’s death. He is invited to the State of the Union this evening. Having Mr. Brown at the SOTU is likely to promote a lie.

It just so happens that Joe Biden will address so-called aggressive police tactics during his State of the Union. He basically wants to nationalize the police with a George Floyd Policing Act.

Biden also invited the sympathetic parents of Tyre Walker, a black man recently killed by five black police officers.


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