Joe Biden is somebody’s grandma


Someone wrote on Facebook yesterday that putting up an article with clips of Joe Biden’s assaults on the English language is clickbait. Let it be so if that’s what it is. People need to know that he can’t speak and the left is hiding him so no one knows he’s confused and befuddled throughout the day, every day. This is Third World stuff.


Biden left his basement to travel 30 miles to a Philly event — ‘Souls to the Polls.’ His peeps blocked every entryway into the event. It was a secret rally with cars only so no one could ask him a question.

A New Zealand reporter said, “I’ve never experienced a press operation like it, impossible to get any response on any details of events let alone access. Not the best when you’re trying to project your guy as new global leader,” the reporter said.

Joe delivered one of his angry, dark speeches to a parking lot full of honking cars.

He also told a small group of people outside someone’s house that he is a grandmother.

“I married a Philly girl and I am Finnegan Biden’s grandma,” Biden said looking at his granddaughter (Hunter’s daughter) before correcting himself. “That’s her grandma and I’m her grandpa.”

Here he is claiming he’s wearing an Eagle’s jacket as he is trying to show how in touch he is with Philly:

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3 years ago

If Babbling Biden wins, this country is in for a shock to be heard round the world…silly laughing girl Harris will be taking over while Joe is in the Dementia Ward…this is very, very serious.

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
3 years ago

Biden doesn’t know who he is. He doesn’t know what he’s wearing. He can’t count. He can’t remember his own policies. He doesn’t remember what he said, then he challenges Trump to post the video on his website. Most of the time he doesn’t know where he is or where he was born. Great candidate, Democrats!