Biden Adjusted Face Mask 95 Times During 30-minute Speech


Joe Biden adjusted his face mask 95 times during a 30-minute speech in Milwaukee on Friday night. He wore a plain blue surgical mask, not his signature black face mask. It wouldn’t stay up.

Medical experts tell us to keep our hands away from our face when we’re in public. Biden just couldn’t manage to remember that. Not only were his actions dangerous, they were really distracting.

When Biden wasn’t pulling up his face mask, he had his hands in his pockets. Sure it was cold, but President Trump wears gloves (and no face mask) during his rallies.

During Joe Biden’s rally, there was no enthusiasm. No excitement. No sense of urgency. Except, of course, to keep his face mask pulled up over his nose.

He didn’t even need a mask since the closest person to him was at least 20 feet away. At least Biden accomplished two Coronavirus protocols – he maintained social distance and he keep the gathering to less than 20 people.

Biden brought a black notebook to the podium where he spoke. Occasionally he turned the pages. I looked closely. All the pages were blank!!!

At the end of Biden’s speech, he picked up his blank notebook, turned to his staff, and gave the trademark Trump fist pump. Way to go, Joe!

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The Spokesman
The Spokesman
3 years ago

Disgusting, corrupt crook that sold America to the highest bidder.