Joe Biden & Kamala Harris Plan to Get BBB Passed


Vice President Kamala Harris said she and Joe Biden will pass his “Build Back Better” legislation, a welfare-climate change, socialist boondoggle.

During an interview with “Face The Nation” host Margaret Brennan, days after Joe Manchin said he would deprive Democrats of the vote they need to pass the monstrosity, Harris vowed to pass it.

Brennan said, “This is going to be hard for the economy. Are you going to need to ask Congress for another relief package?”

Harris responded:

“Well, I’m glad you talked about the economy. Let’s talk about the economy. First of all, as an administration, as we look at the end of the year, there are specific facts that we are proud of on the issue of the economy. We have reduced unemployment down to 4.2%.  [She never mentions the millions who are out of the workforce and aren’t counted in the unemployment numbers. Twelve million left in the Fall alone]

“The economists predicted that we wouldn’t get there for another couple of years, but here we are. We have reduced the deficit by over $300 billion. We have created over 6 million jobs, so there are good things that happened- have happened as it relates to the strength of the economy,” said the spinmaster.

“Let’s also talk about the most recent facts. Excuse me, not Moody’s, but Goldman Sachs indicated that the failure to pass BBB, the Build Back Better Act is going to have a negative impact on our fiscal health.”

That was one of their dumber statements.

Harris continued:

“But the converse is also true. And again, what is within our grasp to pass Build Back Better? Where we bring down the cost of living. When we talk about the economy, the average person in America is going to measure the economy based on can they actually just afford to get through the day and through the month. The cost of living, can they keep up with the cost of living, child care, elder care, prescription drugs? And that’s one of the reasons our priority.

“To your point about the economy that has been the fuel behind our insistence that we find common ground in Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act so we can bring down the cost of living for- for real Americans working people.”

We are all really Americans and the working will pay for the unproductive in their socialist state.

Brennan then said: “You’re talking about the Build Back Better act like it still has some life to it. As you know, Sen. Joe Manchin said, he’s a no. You don’t have the votes.”

“You know, I was in the Senate for four years before I came here, and I have seen the ups and downs in terms of legislation. I mean, those of us who study history, recent or – or ancient know that there are many times over the course of history where legislation was doomed to be dead and it still kept going,” Harris said.

“The Affordable Care Act being one of the most recent examples of that, or even the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act now not deal, where lots of folks said it was dead on arrival, but we got it done. So, I’m not giving up, the president’s not giving up, and frankly, the stakes are too high,” she added.

Harris wants you to believe that spending trillions solves inflation when the opposite is true. The plan is likely to continue tormenting Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema until they relent.

She is clueless, and an economic illiterate. Nowhere does she explain how spending all this money on welfare and useless climate gimmicks will solve inflation.

She is still unconvincing and incompetent.

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