Joe Biden, leader of the free world, ate the blob on his chin


Senile Joe Biden received a note from a staffer during an address to let him know he had a blob of something on his chin. Biden wiped it off, while on TV, looked at it, and then ate it. But that wasn’t the end of it. [Watch the clip]

The Story

Senile Joe was talking about the “threat of western wildfires this year” before TV cameras today. He didn’t realize he had a blob of something on his chin.

He continued discussing the fires, “In short, we have big complex wildfires burning across multiple areas.”

“It is really, really dangerous work,” Biden said, stating the obvious as if we didn’t know.

He asked the lineup of governors, including California’s Gavin Newsom, Washington’s Jay Inslee, and Minnesota’s Tim Walz, for updates on the blazes in their states and what the federal government can do to help.

Then he looked at a note s staffer gave him.

After he ate the blob, he held up the note for all to see.

Folks, I give you the leader of the free world.

This clip shows him holding up the note he received ever so discretely:

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