Biden thanked ‘Fax News’ as his poll numbers take a deep dive


According to a new Monmouth University poll, released on Thursday, President Joe Biden’s approval rating has plunged 20 points since January.

Back in January when Biden took office, his net approval rating sat at +24 however just six months later, his net approval rating is +4.

Why is it that high? Why was it ever that high?

Rasmussen Reports poll released similar results on Wednesday. He keeps dropping monthly. People don’t like his economy or his U.S.-Mexico border policy.

As to the border, he tried to say this is just the annual surge at the border but people are getting wise to that lie. He also blamed Trump, which was really absurd.

Biden ultimately decided to leave the border crisis for Vice President Kamala Harris to handle, and she’s a disaster. She’s still looking for the root causes everywhere but in their policies.

Maybe his gaffes are adding to peoples’ concerns?

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