Joe Biden Makes Note of Something Joe Biden Said — Quotes Joe


Joe Biden, the fake president of the United States, answered a reporter’s question by referencing himself in the third person, seemingly unaware he was doing so.

“Mr. President, how much, in monetary terms, do you estimate today’s announcement will reduce gas prices, and when can Americans expect to see the changes?” a reporter asked.

His answer makes it clear Biden blindly repeats what he gets through an earpiece or he doesn’t always know he’s Biden:

“That’s a really important question and there’s no firm answer to it, but prices already came down when it was announced ahead of time that Biden was going to release so much — so much energy — so many barrels of oil from [inaudible]… they’ve already come down,” he said. “My guess is we’ll see it come down, continue to come down, but how far down I don’t think anyone can tell.”

25th Amendment anyone???


Recently, he referred to the head of state of the United States the same way. Watch:

He doesn’t know who anyone is:

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