Joe Biden Prepares for an Expanded Middle East War


Joe Biden is preparing for the war in the Middle East to expand. Allegedly, he pushed for Israel to delay the invasion until the US had forces and weapons in place, U.S. and Israeli officials tell Axios.

Regional escalation was discussed by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and the Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant on a call Friday after the Israeli Defense Forces expanded operations in Gaza, a senior Israeli official said.

Saudi Defense Minister Khalid bin Salman (KBS) is expected to visit Washington on Monday for talks with senior Biden administration officials, Axios reported Saturday.

Israeli intelligence services’ believe that Hezbollah — which is based in Lebanon and backed by Iran — will increase the intensity of its attacks against Israel on its northern border because of Israel’s ground operation in Gaza.

Israeli officials think Hezbollah will try to escalate without leading to an all-out war that could easily go out of control.

The Warning Signs

We have an incompetent man in the Oval Office, no money, and the people in charge of the Woke army are the same people who surrendered Afghanistan.

Col. Douglas Macgregor predicts, “If the Israelis strike decisively into Gaza, this becomes a two-front war. Hezbollah is gonna take the gloves off and launch 100,000 missiles into Israel. Now you are dealing with other actors. Syria, Turkey, Iran, and, of course, Russia. Russia will not sit by and watch Iran be destroyed.”

Macgregor adds: “If Turkey joins the Israeli conflict, we have a problem. We have American bases in Turkey -Nuclear weapons! We have aircraft, we’ve got soldiers, airmen, and sailors on the ground over there. Do they become hostages? Do the Turks take these bases over or surround them?”

This is what we have in charge:

Meanwhile, the idiots in DC are allowing millions of foreigners, many young fit men, to pour in, and we don’t know who they are.


Some people on the left think talk of World War III is nonsense. You can read one article here and see what you think.

The pro-Hamas supporters are protesting worldwide.

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