Joe Biden Targets Rep. Lauren Boebert in Colorado


On Wednesday, enfeebled Joe Biden called out Representative Lauren Boebert as the leader of the MAGA movement. Representative Boebert has had some embarrassing issues lately, so he thinks she’s a good person to associate with MAGA right now  – in his mind.

He went to her district to feather his nest with union people in a wind plant and demonized her as part of his election strategy. He’s trying to draw a comparison between him and MAGA. He’s literally campaigning against Making America Great. However, we all know he doesn’t want to make America great. He’s still pushing Bidenomics and comparing himself to Donald Trump, pretending that he has the better ideas.

Everyone should listen to Joe. He’s so brilliant here:

Senile Joe pushes the unemployment rate and alleged job creation as the hallmarks of his Presidency. He was at the CS Wind Plant pushing his alleged accomplishments because he’s putting a lot of taxpayer dollars into these wind projects, picking winners and losers.

He said Representative Boebert is one of the leaders of the “extreme MAGA movement” because, as a hardcore leftist, he thinks Making America Great is an extremely crazy thing to do.

Biden criticized her for voting against the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which has actually caused inflation. He told the union members of the CS Wind project that she didn’t want this project and that those 850 people wouldn’t have jobs now.

Then he claimed the IRA benefits the economy. He keeps claiming he created all these jobs, including a quarter million in Colorado, and it’s just not true. Mostly he’s just watching the recovery of jobs lost during the pandemic. Most of the new jobs are second and third jobs for struggling families as Democrats keep spending on climate change.

Biden noted that Boebert voted against it as did other Republicans. He claims she’s welcoming it now, which, of course, she’s not.

Representative Boebert is the latest Democrat target. They want to get rid of her and make Colorado even more left-wing than it is.

Except for a handful of companies that benefit from the Inflation Reduction Act, it is the “massive failure” as she describes it. And he’s running on it.

By the way, Biden should be impeached.

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Trump Won
Trump Won
2 months ago

Many people on the left are waking up and announcing their support for president Trump. Time to retire old Joe.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

“…MAGA right now – in his mind.”
I was unaware he had an active miond capable of serving as the president of anything.