Red Pope Fires Conservative Cardinal Burke, Takes Away His Pension


Pope Francis fired conservative American Cardinal Raymond Burke because of his stance on doctrine and his criticisms of the Pope. The Cardinal has been evicted from his Vatican apartment and his salary cut. Pope Francis took the 75-year-old Cardinal’s pension away. Cardinal Burke was stripped of all his privileges.

Pope Francis is a communist. A pension is a promise, and he just took it away. Cardinal Burke should quickly write a book and go on tours exposing the Communist Pope.

The news of the possible eviction was first reported by the conservative Italian newspaper La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, which is close to Cardinal Burke and recently sponsored a conference featuring the prelate criticizing a significant meeting of bishops convened by Francis.

According to The Associated Press, Francis told the heads of Vatican offices last week about his decision to punish Cardinal Burke because he was a source of “disunity” in the church.

The source added that the decision is not meant as a personal punishment.

Sure. It looks vindictive. He’s ruthlessly purging the church of conservatives.

Allegedly, the source said it comes from the belief that a person should not enjoy Cardinal privileges while criticizing the head of the church.

The Pope doesn’t like America, and many Catholics in America wonder about him. The media calls him a “reformer,” but many Catholics think he borders on heresy.

Cardinal Raymond Burke

Twice, Burke has joined other conservative cardinals in issuing formal questions to the pontiff, known as ‘dubia,’ asking him to clarify questions of doctrine that upset conservatives and traditionalists.

In the first, they asked Francis to clarify his outreach to divorced and civilly remarried Catholics, and Francis never replied. In the second, they asked whether same-sex couples could receive church blessings – and received a conditional maybe in response.

Then, on the eve of Francis´ big meeting of bishops last month, known as a synod, Burke presided over a counter-synod steps away from St. Peter´s Square. There, Burke delivered a stinging rebuke of Francis´ vision of “synodality” and his overall reform project for the church.

“It´s unfortunately very clear that the invocation of the Holy Spirit by some has the aim of bringing forward an agenda that is more political and human than ecclesial and divine,” Burke told the conference titled “The Synodal Babel.”

The Red Pope is eliminating all conservatives. As a Catholic, I felt very lucky with the Popes after World War II, but this Pope is filling up the key positions in the church with hardcore leftists. He’s very political.

A full 77% of the College of Cardinals who will pick the next Pope were chosen by him. That doesn’t bode well for the future of the church.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
2 months ago