Joe Biden, the vessel ‘American Marxists have been waiting for their entire lives’


“Joe Biden is the vehicle, the vessel that American Marxists have been waiting for their entire lives to advance their radical program.”

~ Stephen Miller, American Legal Foundation

Stephen Miller was on with Mark Levin last night on the Fox show, Life, Liberty, and Levin. He explained that this one multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill will transform the United States into an irreversibly Marxist nation.

They will take away our freedoms on the backs of illegal aliens from around the world.

With the help of 19 Republicans who signed onto the foundational bill of $1.2 trillion, the stage was set for the next bill that gives citizenship to millions of illegal aliens in this country. And once they have it, they will invite their extended families who will then invite theirs “to the 20th power,” until we have doubled our population or more with new Democrat Marxists.

It is clear that Democrats plan to take over this country and maintain all the power for time immortal.

Stephen Miller described the end result of this bill

“This is the most extreme, frankly insane proposal I would argue in all of modern history,” he said. “During the worst, most devastating border crisis our nation, perhaps any nation, has ever seen, during a pandemic, they are proposing to effectively eliminate the legislative filibuster by using an arcane budget process to enact a citizenship bill, to enact amnesty for this nation’s illegal alien population.

“What that will mean is, first, there will be a run on the border that makes even today’s apocalyptic conditions look tame by comparison. Secondly, every single illegal alien who is given citizenship through the power of chain migration will be able to bring in their entire extended families, and their extended families, and their extended families after them, to the 20th power…”

“It means an unlimited chain of relatives all across the world. So we will have effectively created a new nation comprised of illegal alien populations…the numbers will be so large, tens of millions who will be able to come into the country that it will be like adding an entire large country into our country. And it will be done buried within this 5 trillion dollar budget bill that they’re hoping to pass on a pure party-line vote, 50-50 with the vice president breaking the tie. This is real, this is dangerous, this is happening as we speak, and people need to wake up.”

Mark Levin explained that the bill also includes every radical Marxist agenda item from climate change [which is meant to overturn our economic system] to no sovereignty to the destruction of the voting system so only one party can win. He calls it ‘demonic,’ and Joe Biden ‘demonic.’

Stephen Miller went further in his explanation:

Joe Biden is the vehicle, the vessel that American Marxists have been waiting for their entire lives to advance their radical program. And what they are doing is that they are putting it all into one bill. Everything you just listed off from the equity agenda to the destruction of voting rights to the climate agenda to, of course, the open borders agenda. And they reason that if we did this in five or six bills, we would get crushed by the sheer weight of the exercise, but if we do it all at once in one giant bill, maybe we can get away with it. Well, ultimately, it’s up to all of us, to everyone watching this program, it’s up to all the American people to say to their senators, ‘no.’


Mark concluded on this alarming note:

That takes us to Barack Obama and the plan for a country within a country which was uncovered and ignored in early 2015. After they have nurtured an enormous illegal alien population. This came out in an Obama White House discussion. they will take over as the population of the United States, replacing the old one.

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