Joe Biden Threatens to Go Full-BDS on Israel


Joe Biden might force Israel to label Jewish goods from Israel. Biden is a threat to democracies worldwide.

The Biden administration is planning to require goods produced in Jewish settlements in the West Bank to be clearly labeled as coming from there as the US continues to increase pressure on Israel amid its ongoing war against the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza, according to a new report.

A final decision on whether to approve the move has not been made. Still, its purpose would be to increase pressure on Israel over alleged violence by some Jewish settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank.

Biden wants to win with the votes of the new Democrats, who are Muslim radicals.

Critics have argued such policies would be anti-Israel and discriminatory.

“Perhaps the label can be yellow and in a starry-like shape even, so it’s bright and distinguishable,” writes Stephen L. Miller.

Dr. Carol Swain reminds us of the past.

He is going full BDS.

Mimicking Hitler:

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