Resurfaced Truth: Biden Pressured Garland to Prosecute Trump


Last year, the former president retruthed a NY Times report that had resurfaced on X, and it’s making the rounds on X again. A New York Times report dated April 2, 2022, stated that Joe Biden pressured Attorney General Merrick Garland to prosecute Mr. Trump for J6.

Biden and his advisors are a serious threat to democracy. He has normal Democrats bamboozled.

Times reporters Katie Benner, Katie Rogers, and Michael S. Schmidt published an article about Biden’s frustration with Garland over the lack of prosecution against Trump, according to two people familiar with Biden’s comments.

“The attorney general’s deliberative approach has come to frustrate Democratic allies of the White House and, at times, President Biden himself,” the Times reported. “As recently as late last year, Mr. Biden confided to his inner circle that he believed former President Donald J. Trump was a threat to democracy and should be prosecuted, according to two people familiar with his comments.”

“And while the president has never communicated his frustrations directly to Mr. Garland, he has said privately that he wanted Mr. Garland to act less like a ponderous judge and more like a prosecutor who is willing to take decisive action over the events of Jan. 6,” the report added.

“We just have to demonstrate that he will not take power,” an audacious Biden said, “if he does run, making sure under ‘legitimate’ efforts of the Constitution, does not become the next president again.” You’d think he was talking about Putin, but he was talking about a legitimate political opponent.

So, does the Constitution allow planned, malicious prosecutions of political opponents?

Bill O’Reilly Reported the Same Information in September 2022

In September 2022, prominent people insisted that Donald Trump must be prosecuted for something. An indictment seems inevitable. Based on his sources, Bill O’Reilly said during g a Factor show that all of this is coming down from Joe Biden, who wants him indicted before November.

O’Reilly reported on September 6, “…it is President Biden himself directing the attempted takedown of Donald Trump.  Usually, Mr. Biden is disengaged from policy, doing what his far-left handlers want.  Not this time.

“The President wants the Justice Department to indict Trump before the midterm election, believing many independent voters will turn against Republican candidates, especially those who support Trump.

“So, it’s going to be a blood feud between the two presidents.”

A few months ago, Joseph Ellis reminded everyone that a “New York Times report from April 2022 highlighted Biden’s frustration with Garland’s approach and his belief that Trump posed a threat to democracy and should be prosecuted.”

“Since then, Trump has faced legal challenges and indictments at both state and federal levels, with implications for his potential candidacy in the 2024 election.”

Biden pushed the ridiculous 14th Amendment allegation.

“Is Trump an insurrectionist, sir?” a reporter questioned Biden.

“I think … it’s self-evident.” Biden said.

“Whether the Fourteenth Amendment applies, we’ll let the Court make that decision.”

“But he certainly supported an insurrection,” Biden said.

“No question about it. None. Zero.”

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