Joe Biden to Announce His Run for the Presidency Next Week


Joe Biden is running for office again and plans to announce it next week in a video. That’s appropriate since he can barely speak and likes to campaign from his basement.

The only reason he’s being allowed to run might be because they know they will cheat again. We will see massive mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, Zuckerbucks, Soros bucks, free publicity 24/7 from mainstream media, and deals with people like Stacey Abrams.

If the hard-left Joe wins, he’ll be 86 years old when his term ends. His list of successes:

  • Afghanistan Surrender
  • Open Borders
  • Energy failure, beginning with the Keystone Pipeline
  • Inflation
  • Ballooning Debt
  • Expansion of the administrative state
  • Classified documents in a garage where his corrupt son could get to them
  • Sketchy dealings through his son
  • Mandated vaccines, lcokdowns, quarantines, and calls for vaccine passports
  • Using Ukrainian people to fight our proxy war
  • Putting us in danger or entering World War III
  • High gas and electric prices
  • He’s the most divisive leader since Jefferson Davis
  • No rule of law
  • Pro-criminal policies
  • Assists cartels bringing in fentanyl and sex trafficking with open border policies
  • Supply chain crisis
  • Weaponized agencies, including the DOJ and FBI
  • Constant lying


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