Joe Biden Visits Witness in Hunter Trial – Beau’s Wife Hallie


Joe Biden visited the home of a witness against his son, Hunter. The witness is in-law Hallie Biden, the wife of Beau and the ex-girlfriend of Hunter Biden.

The laptop included some awful behavior by Hunter that Hallie condemned. She allegedly threw a gun owned by Hunter Biden in a dumpster behind a market near a school.

This can be seen as witness tampering. The media is already lashing out at anyone questioning it.

NBC News reporter Gary Grumbach was pilloried by the hard left for doing his job – reporting it.

There were slews of comments like that.

However, Hallie quickly fell into the arms of her husband’s brother and probably didn’t need to be consoled by her father-in-law.

Hunter will go on trial in Delaware for the gun charges on June 3. U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika made decisions supporting each side in a final hearing before trial. Prosecutors can raise some evidence from the laptop, but to use drug allegations, they had to show he was addicted to drugs around the time of the purchase.

The judge said there was evidence of illegal drug activity on the laptop.

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