Joe Biden Wants Your Rifles Since They’re Only Meant to Kill People


President Joe Biden was speaking at the Human Rights Campaign national dinner on Saturday night when he pushed for an assault weapons ban. He asked, “Who in God’s name, needs a weapon with 100 rounds in the chamber?”

Obviously, he couldn’t provide an example of a gun that holds 100 rounds in the chamber. He added that weapons “were only meant for one thing …to kill people.”

He also said he wouldn’t stop trying to enact an assault weapons ban as long as he is in office. So let’s hope that’s not too much longer.

What makes it so ironic is that right after this, he went into the horrific massacre in Israel by Hamas. Over 1300 people were tortured and killed.

Many did not have weapons to defend themselves. It was a complete surprise to me that they weren’t armed to the teeth, given the danger they live with daily. In the United States, our country is becoming more and more dangerous as Democrats fill up the country with unvetted anonymous people from all over the world.

Democrats are also way too soft on crime.

Breitbart reported that only 2% of the people in Israel have guns. They’re like sitting ducks. By way of comparison, 60% of Americans own guns.

Israel is now distributing assault weapons to Israelis.

The national security minister announced Tuesday that they purchased 10,000 rifles to arm their civilian security teams.

It’s as if all of Israel was a gun-free zone. That’s what Biden wants for us as he makes America dangerous.

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