Rep Greene’s Brilliant Statement About Mr. Trump’s Gag Order


Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke out against the gag order on Donald Trump that Federal Judge Tanya Chutkan issued today. It will prevent him from criticizing special counsel Jack Smith or his family, prosecutors, court staff, or witnesses. President Trump is now barred from making statements targeting any of those people. He also cannot make any inflammatory statements about likely witnesses.

Rep. Greene’s statement was brilliant in its thoroughness. Every American should be afraid of this decision regardless of his/her feelings about Donald Trump. Courts can now take away your freedom of speech.


“The judge gave an order gagging President Trump. He’s not allowed to talk about the special counsel. He’s not allowed to talk about the court. She did say he can talk about Joe Biden and his administration, but Joe Biden’s administration actually runs the Department of Justice and runs the special counsel. So her orders don’t make a lot of sense.”

“The boundaries of disparaging and inflammatory are the standards to be used to judge President Trump’s speech, gagging him and censoring him while he’s running for President. He’s the top presidential candidate for the Republican Party for 2024, but politics, all of politics, is disparaging and inflammatory.  That’s the nature of politics and campaigns. So the judge has just made her courtroom now the Ministry of Truth, judging President Trump and what he’s allowed to say and can’t say.

“The judge was also talking about how this isn’t about the court of public opinion but yet media is allowed to sit in the courtroom, which creates public opinion, what’s written in the headlines and the stories that are written. But yet, President Trump can’t say anything about the courtroom and defend himself.

“Another problem is that Jack Smith and the special counsel is the weaponized government against President Trump. This is meant to hurt him politically. This is meant to sway public opinion, and public opinion guides how people vote. So public opinion is important but Jack Smith didn’t bring charges against President Trump until he became a candidate for the presidency. And this entire thing is run by Joe Biden who is his political opponent.

“So obviously, everyone will see this for exactly what it is. It’s the weaponized government that we should never see in the United States of America.

“Another big problem is President Trump is running for president to stop communism, to stop their Orwellian practices from the Democrat Party, to stop tyranny coming from government, which the people are terrified of and rightfully so.

“And freedom of speech is such an important right, and at what point will it stop? Today, the court is weaponizing and stopping freedom of speech of a former president who has not been found guilty. He’s only been charged. He’s been indicted, but yet he’s running for president. So who will be next? Whose speech will be silenced next? Will the media be next, and then will it be regular people? So, the court has made itself the arbiter of speech, and what we’re witnessing is what we should all be completely concerned about. This should not be happening in our country.”

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Mark Schwendau
Mark Schwendau
1 month ago

Law professor AlanDerschowitz even is calling out the perversion of he justice system by the socialist Democrats.