Joe Biden Was Often Confused During His AAP Town Hall


Presidential candidate Joe Biden is kept in his basement with the virus as an excuse. We all know what is really behind it. It is 86 days since he gave a press conference.

He began his AAP townhall confused, even with teleprompters.

The 77-year-old Biden on Saturday confused Barack Obama with President Trump but quickly self-corrected. Two days before, he falsely claimed 120 Americans died from the Coronavirus.

He couldn’t remember the second part of a question when asked what he would do during the first 100 days in the White House.

“And so, you asked other parts of a question, I can’t remember what other ones were, one was what I’m going to do about immigration, what was the other part? Was that it?”

After this, he is back in the basement where he can do no harm.

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