They came for St. Louis, then for the church


In St. Louis, radicals were organized to tear down a statue of St. Louis. They also demand the city to change its name. The group cited Black Lives Matter as they disrupted a prayer group from the church, promising to come for the church as well.

A statue of the king caused tempers to flare atop Art Hill in Forest Park over the symbolism behind a statue of this city’s namesake. Some called for the removal of King Louis IX, with others standing by, praying that it stands.


He was a crusader and two Muslim leaders want it down. Umar Lee seems to have led the so-called protests of screaming and vandalism.

Who’s the hater?

“He’s gonna come down,” organizer Umar Lee said of the statue Saturday. “This guy right here represents hate and we’re trying to create a city of love. We’re trying to create a city where Black lives matter. We’re trying to create a city where there is no antisemitism or Islamophobia … this is not a symbol of our city in 2020.”

Another protest organizer, Moji Sidiqi of the Regional Muslim Action Network said that in addition to removing the statue, she thinks the city of St. Louis should be renamed to celebrate the city’s racial, ethnic and religious diversity.

It’s history guys, get over it.

The City of St. Louis Treasurer Tisharua Jones demonized the Christian group as a KKK rally simply because Catholics and Christians want to preserve statues, monuments, history, culture, and St. Louis City’s name.

In the name of Black Lives Matter, they continually ranted and demanded the statue be taken down.

As a priest tried to speak, the Marxist and fascistic revolutionaries said that after the statue, they’re coming for the church.

Where is the resistance from people in authority?





  1. Yes, where are the police? More importantly, where are the elected and bureaucratic leaders? We all know these days the police in many cities have no support from city leaders so the police are told to either stand down because we don’t want trouble with the Black “community” or they just know better than to show up because the city leaders will attack them just as viciously as the anarchists. And I will say with a city treasurer like Tisharua Jones, I doubt if many of the other city officials are any better. Voters everywhere, you reap what you sow.

  2. “The group cited Black Lives Matter…”

    That would be more appropriately cited as “black panthers lives matter”. Call it what it is.

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