Joe Biden was TRIGGERED by the ‘Let’s go Brandon’ fans


The ‘F Joe Biden’ chant (see the Let’s go Brandon video at the end) is heading for its 6th week. In the past two days, Jets fans and Trump supporters in Michigan continued the chant.

That triggered the 81 million vote man, Joe Biden, who couldn’t get 20 people to show up at his rallies. He bragged about his 81 million votes in Michigan, which were probably 62 million votes. How does a guy who campaigned from his basement, couldn’t talk, get millions of more votes than Hillary or Obama???

And how does he have the gall to brag when his poll numbers are 37% to 43%? Maybe no one told him. Did he forget about Afghanistan, the open borders, inflation, and mandates already?

In the least, a lot of people who voted for him regret it now.


He was greeted in Michigan with the chant and that’s what triggered him.


The Jets fans roared out the new Biden chant yesterday at the Meadowlands in a game against the Tennessee Titans. Where are those 81 million Biden voters?


This is the ‘Let’s go Brandon” interview:

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Mario and Liugi vs. The Matrix
Mario and Liugi vs. The Matrix
2 years ago

He bragged about the greatest voter fraud apparatus ever and said that the cure would be worse than the COV-LARP during another Freudian slip open mic moment.
Always pay attention to the utterances of comrade Uncle “Big Guy” Joe and maybe that is why they pull the plug when he goes off teleprompter and limit public appearances of comrade kommissar preezy?