Student with all classes online has to be vaxxed or dropped!


The student in the clip paid his $70,000 tuition and has ALL OF HIS CLASSES ONLINE, yet if he doesn’t show his vaccination certificate, he will be dropped from his classes.

He’s at home!


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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
1 year ago

Hey, he might be spreading “virtual” COVID.

1 year ago

Lawsuit. Violation of HIPPA, etc. Anything that could be thought of to drag the nitwits running this crap university through the mud of their imbecilic reasoning.
Wow! Seems to be a lot of really dumb people at the top of the educational schtick coming out of the woodwork to try and exert their self-proclaimed importance. Showing their stupidity is really what they are doing.
Time to use their tactics on them.
Just sayin’.

Postcards From the Sister Sledge
Postcards From the Sister Sledge
1 year ago

The Great Reset Leap Forward will puts its grubby mitts into every aspect of all lives.
It is the statist utopian’s perfect plandemic.
As a problem child, there were some correspondence classes by snail mail with the big state U. over the summer so that I would graduate HS and it worked out well.
Always wondered how they would bring out the iron fist reset and when…then spring 2020 came along.

James Lengel
James Lengel
1 year ago

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all I am not amazed at this; it was just like this one kid on a virtual class sitting at his computer when his brother walked past behind him with an Airsoft rifle – yep, you guessed it, suspended.