Joe Biden’s $200K Check Is Tied to James Biden’s Deals with Qatar


For months, the Biden administration has refused to name Qatar a state sponsor of terrorism for their support of Hamas. It could have something to do with today’s Politico report. His brother James was in business with Qatari government officials. Joe Biden’s $200,000 check came as Jim Biden made the Americore deal with Qatar’s investment.

Qatar is also a major donor to Ivy League Universities.  How did that affect the students and their education?

James Biden Screenshot

New details about Jim Biden’s foreign fundraising efforts are spilling out in a Kentucky bankruptcy court, where recent testimony indicates that President Joe Biden’s brother partnered with Qatari government officials in his quest to find money for U.S. healthcare ventures.

The sworn testimony by fund manager Michael Lewitt, a former business partner of Jim Biden’s, attests that two companies that facilitated the efforts were part-owned by “members of the Qatari government.”

Politico revealed that Jim Biden and his partners “sought investment funding from sources in the Middle East” and that those “efforts came to focus largely on Qatar.” They were looking for investments in the hospital chain Americore.

“On the same day Jim Biden received a $200,000 payment from Americore, he made out a check for his brother Joe.”

The funding came from Qatar.


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