Joe Biden’s brother accused of “fraudulently transferring $$$ to himself”


In addition to the ne’er-do-well son of Joe Biden, he has a brother, James Biden, who is accused of fraudulently transferring hundreds of thousands of dollars to himself. In late January, the FBI raided a healthcare business linked to James Biden, taking boxes of documents, Politico reported.

James Biden, Joe’s younger brother, is deeply embroiled in a big-money loan scandal involving Americore Health, a healthcare provider focused on the acquisition and management of rural hospitals.

Americore filed for bankruptcy, allegedly in part because of unfulfilled promises and broken business deals brokered by James Biden.

Former Americore executive Tom Pritchard said Biden promised a large investment from Middle Eastern backers touting his brother’s political status. The loans never came through and Biden quietly backed away. He never repaid the loan.

“It was all smoke and mirrors,” Pritchard told Politico, referring to Biden’s promises.

Since the raid, two small medical firms that did business with James Biden have claimed in civil court proceedings to have obtained evidence that he may have fraudulently transferred funds from Americore “outside of the ordinary course of business.”

A former Americore executive has told POLITICO that James Biden had more than half a million dollars transferred to him from the firm as a personal loan that has not yet been repaid.

Pritchard alleges Biden was paid a six-figure sum out of that bridge loan, and although Pritchard was anxious about the financing plans at the time, Biden’s promises outweighed his skepticism.

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