Joe, Hang ’em High, Biden on His Own Crime Bill


We have a clip of Democrat Senator, Joe Biden, in 1992, promoting his Violent Crime and Control Law Enforcement Act.  Joe was happy to take credit for authoring the bill, bragging that it provided for “53 death sentence offenses….”.  He proudly proclaimed, “We do everything but hang people for jaywalking.”

Actually a review of the final legislation showed Senator Biden was being uncharacteristically modest.  There were actually 60 new, punishable by death crimes.  Also, it’s interesting to note, during a recent push for criminal rehabilitation and the current call to defund police Biden’s law did the opposite.

Here are some quick examples:

Overturned the Higher Education Act of 1965 which permitted prison inmates to receive a Pell Grant for higher education while they were incarcerated.

Allocated tens of billions of dollars to local police agencies, authorizing the hiring of 100,000 more cops to patrol the nation’s streets.

Three strikes and you’re out provision, which called for life sentences for those found guilty of a felony if they’d already been convicted of two other serious felonies.

Provided incentive grants to build and grow correctional facilities that enforced mandatory sentencing of 85% of a person’s sentence.  Jail and prison populations grew dramatically.

Here’s ol’ Hang em High Joe Biden, beating his chest about being tough on crime.  Jaywalkers should consider themselves lucky for having escaped this fearless legislator’s full wrath.


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