Joe says people here illegally must get our benefits


If you break the law, come into our country illegally, Joe has your back. With taxpayer dollars, he will pay for all your expenses — healthcare, education, housing, food — if you pay/paid taxes. If you pay taxes you can break our laws.

Eventually and soon, we will all go bankrupt trying to pay for it. We are almost bankrupt now. We will soon be at a point where we won’t be able to even pay the interest on our loans.

Biden specified illegal aliens should get our benefits if they work, pay taxes, but that’s nonsense. Once they get all our rights, they get them. In fact, many do pay taxes and then get it back because they don’t make enough — at least not on the books. They also get child tax credits.

Biden has NO respect for the law and plans to bend it to his will and at his command, or rather his handlers’ commands.

Joe also wants to end tariffs and continue to send our business to China, enriching them, impoverishing us.

If you like this, vote for him.

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